Teacher Role

The parent-teacher partnership is at the heart of the Minnesota Virtual Academy. Our experience, as well as a wealth of research, shows that parental involvement is a key indicator of student success. The MNVA model is designed to leverage a productive working partnership between motivated parents and experienced teachers to maximize student achievement. MNVA teachers partner with parents in a number of areas:

Curriculum and Instruction | Prior to enrollment, the MNVA teacher facilitates student and parent orientations to the instructional system, and assists students and parents in using the curriculum. Teachers review course and grade level placement test results to recommend placement and advancement.

Regular phone conferences are scheduled and facilitated by MNVA teachers with parents and students. During working hours, teachers are available by phone or email for questions and consultation. They oversee content coverage, and ensure proper utilization of the instructional system.

Individualization | Teachers consult with parents and students to develop an individualized plan to address academic needs. Students receive instruction from teachers in core academic subjects, as well as other subjects. Teachers proactively track students’ progress through the curriculum. Using their understanding of students’ needs, they help parents individualize the curriculum, as well as providing modifications and enhancements. MNVA teachers also research and create lessons which complement the online curriculum. Attendance hours for lessons and group activities are monitored by teachers. And, they regularly participate in any necessary IEP team activities for students with special needs.

Assessment | MNVA teachers regularly assess each child’s progress, learning style, and other academic, social, or developmental factors. Lesson assessments and work samples are reviewed by the teachers. Based on these reviews, teachers provide professional insight and guidance regarding the student’s academic growth. Teachers serve as proctors for site-based state and school exams, and provide the review and analysis of individual results of the NWEA MAP tests. Informal and formal feedback is generated by teachers on student performance. And, on a quarterly basis they produce report cards.

Community Building |Teachers plan, organize, and facilitate periodic outings to provide a forum for students to socialize with their peers, as well as to support the curriculum. The “virtual community” is facilitated by the teacher through discussion boards, online homerooms, and synchronous learning events.