Educational Benefits & Reimbursement 2020-2021

Dear MNVA Families,

In a traditional school, an application for educational benefits is often referred to as a free and reduced lunch program application. Due to the fact that the Minnesota Virtual Academy is virtual, we do not have a lunch program for our students. Instead, qualification for educational benefits will result in discounted outing fees and mileage reimbursement (as shown below). The acquired information will also help MNVA obtain grants and funding for programs that can improve our school and offer direct benefits to your child. The information provided is strictly confidential.

Educational benefits that will be provided if you qualify:

  • Computer use for school work

  • 50% discount on outing fees (percent is based on eligibility for benefits)

  • $0.15/mileage reimbursement for school-related travel (includes outings, face-to-face attendance, and required testing)

For further information or to apply for discounted outing event.
866-215-2292 option 3